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Restatements often influence court decisions but are not binding on the courts in and of themselves.

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Judicial reform is the complete or partial political reform of a country's judiciary.

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The following are selected examples of Restatements of the Law: Legal directories are locators for legal and government information. More…

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They focus on narrow legal issues rather than general points of law. More…

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at 121 22. Although the holding in Simon and Schuster was explicitly limited to New York's "Son of Sam" law, the decision appears to leave little doubt, if any, about the unconstitutionality of 18 U. S. C. In light of Simon and Schuster, some courts have relied on restitution orders and fines where convicted defendants appeared likely to receive proceeds from the sale of their stories about their crimes. See United States v.

Administrative law in the People's Republic of China was virtually non existent before the economic reform era initiated by Deng Xiaoping.

In 1990, the Administrative Supervision Regulations 行政检查条例 and the Administrative Reconsideration Regulations 行政复议条例 were passed.

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